Because a vision project is not limited to its camera and lighting system, CEVILOG uses all its experience while developing a control system that is suited to your environment.
We select and approve the best machine vision technology and then implement it for you, from installation on your site to the development of a control application tailored for you.

• Performance of a study of the feasibility of the control system on the basis of a sample.
Visit to the site to define the production environment and take account of its constraints.
Design of a tailored technical solution in our laboratories to achieve the most efficient result in actual conditions.
Installation of the vision system on the site, with a configuration that is based on the machines. A user’s manual is supplied with the system, and operator training is also offered.

Developing a targeted solution that is suited to your environment and delivered ready for use with a zero-defect objective, making you independent in terms of the maintenance and development of your vision systems.

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